Vespa Gas Mileage Update 3

Now that Celeste is back on the road, I haven’t been riding the GTS as often. Though when I do, it’s for very long trips. Something strange I noticed today: Aphrodite and Celeste have almost the exact same total mileage this week: 2,500 miles. Cue: Twilight Zone theme song.

Two interesting Fun Facts for you today, kids:

  1. Vespa’s claim of 65 – 70 miles per gallon for the GTS is actually accurate! My current average is 65 MPG, right on the money.
  2. Whether I ride long and country twisty roads, straight-shot highway commutes, two-up or solo, my efficiency only fluctuates by about 1 mile per gallon.

(Catch-up on this fuel efficiency debate in my previous posta on the topic.)

Historical Statistics

7/25 tank MPG: 65.5

  • Average MPG: 65.0
  • Mileage at fill-up: 2527
  • Cost per gallon: $4.779
  • Gallons added: 1.768
  • Total cost: $8.45

7/18 tank MPG: 64.9

  • Mileage at fill-up: 2411
  • Cost per gallon: $4.799
  • Gallons added: 1.471
  • Total cost: $7.08

6/28 tank MPG: 64.7

  • Mileage at fill-up: 2119
  • Cost per gallon: $4.879
  • Gallons added: 1.429
  • Total cost: $6.97

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