Vespa Gas Mileage Update 4

I haven’t updated because I’ve been riding non-stop, as evidenced by my gas consumption for the past two weeks. When the sun is out in Seattle, one does not lollygag in front of a computer, my friends.

I’ve put nearly 3,000 miles on the GTS now so I made my appointment for the next scheduled service. I’m told it’s a quickie – fuel filter, I think, and some other things. Seems I’d be needing a rear tire around now but they look good as new to me. It’s a good thing I scheduled the service ahead of time – I had to book out three weeks because they’re so busy. Tis the season.

This gas update is brought to you by the MPG Calculator at Those kids. Always trying to make stuff easier on me.

8/13 tank MPG: 62

  • Average MPG: 62
  • Mileage at fill-up: 2858
  • Cost per gallon: $4.559
  • Gallons added: 1.785
  • Total cost: $8.14

8/08 tank MPG: 60

  • Average MPG: 62
  • Mileage at fill-up: 2747
  • Cost per gallon: $4.699
  • Gallons added: 1.756
  • Total cost: $8.25

8/01 tank MPG: 64

  • Average MPG: 64.5
  • Mileage at fill-up: 2640
  • Cost per gallon: $4.739
  • Gallons added: 1.754
  • Total cost: $8.31

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