Frankenstella Wins Genuine’s LOVE Photo Contest

My superdorky “Valentine’s Day with Frankenstella” pic won the Genuine Scooters Stella LOVE photo contest on Facebook. That Frankenstella, she’s a looker.

All the credit really goes to Joni James, the mastermind behind the camera.

I’m excited for the Genuine swag that’s part of the prize. I’d share with Joni but she’s moved on from scooters to the world of supersweet vintage motorcycles.

Public acclaim for the beauty of that scooter somewhat validates the blood, sweat, and tears – lots of tears – that went into her!

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  1. Congratulations! I can see why it won — it’s adorable and priceless! I wanna hear about the SWAG too.

  2. Hah! Must be the lips on the scoot. Worked for Jodie, too, when she won our raffle bike!

  3. Such a good looking scooter. Where did you get those vintage stella badges?

    • Thanks!! The badges were a small batch production for the Stella Speed web forum around 2005. I was lucky enough to grab a stack of them. I see bikes with them around every once in awhile, and it’s a kind of a nod to an inside joke. Super fun!

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