Stella Upjetting, spark plugs and idle fun

Vu came over to help make several improvements on the Frankenstella over the weekend.

This included idle adjustment (see action photo above!), upjetting, and tracing two large black puddles from the floor of my garage up into the spark plug and oil tank, where they were born.

It appears I’m having one of those hydra moments; I finally whack off a few heads that have been pestering me, only to reveal a fresh set of hungrier ones.

But! I did video tape the idle adjustment so as soon as I get a chance to edit it (sorry, not today – the sun is out!) I’ll post our very first scooterlust video tutorial.

And in exciting related news, Jett and I had the first organizational meeting of our new all girl scooter club. We brainstormed over cupcakes in West Seattle. I’m most creative with a bellyful of Coconut Bunny. Hopefully I’ll be able to provide more details soon. We’ve already recruited one member. And she’s a Stella Repair Supervixen.
Girl power!

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