Vespa GTS Diagnostic Scan Tool

I must admit I have a serious tech fetish. I often get itchy fingers at the sight of a new toy with bells, whistles and a microchip. (Especially in white.) So imagine my delight when I came across the Diagnostic Scan Tool for the Vespa GTS.

Basically, you plug one end of this baby into your Vespa GTS scooter and the other into your laptop, and you can “fix error codes and check out many other systems on your GTS via computer,” according to the product description.

I discovered this tool in my early days of GTS ownership while Aphrodite and I were ironing out a few wrinkles, including a malfunctioning rectifier and errant sparkplug connector.

In a fit of self-righteous anger, I announced my intent to buy the dianostic scan tool so I could figure out the issues myself since the shop was clearly incapable. But the scooter was repaired before I got around to buying the gadget, and I’d forgotten all about it until I recently rediscovered the bookmark.

While I’m undeniably pro-gadget, I guess the question is: what, exactly, would diagnosing my hypothetical error codes do for me when I’ve laid down $450 for a three-year extended warranty? Cause I certainly didn’t fork over that cash so I could fix my own error codes. Were my bike out of warranty and its repairs within the scope of my present skill set, the investment may prove worthwhile.

But at the rate I’m piling on the mileage, my Vespa will likely need a rebuild (65,000 miles?) when my warranty expires so I’ll likely need a new GTS 300, with bells and whistles.

(They even come in white!)

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