I’m Kristin and I’m so glad you found my site.

I launched Scooter Lust in 2008 to fill the void of all-inclusive scootering sites out there. My goal is to create a welcoming place where anyone on two wheels can get information, support and encouragement. (Or at least be entertained!) Also: lots of eye candy.

I have a degree in journalism with a concentration in photography so I thought I’d put it to good use and build a site about my biggest passion. I create all the content on this site – writing and photos – unless expressly credited otherwise.

Whether you’re new to scootering or an old gearhead, I hope everyone feels comfortable here. I’m especially interested in empowering the ladies out there. Learning how to work on my own scooter has been fascinating and inspiring. Let’s create a space to get our hands dirty!

Scootering is about the experience of riding and being part of a community. It’s not about labels or engine size. I believe in one love – regardless of race, creed, gender, CC’s or country of manufacture: a love of RIDING.

About Me

I’ve been riding for 22 years, since I got my first scooter – an eyesore 1985 Honda CH250 that hauled ass and was super comfortable. We called it The Beast. It was taxicab yellow when I bought it, but I rattle-canned it sparkly blue in the parking lot of my apartment. The milk crate zip-tied to the rear rack matched. Always start exactly where you are!

Currently in my fleet, I have a 1979 Vespa P200, a custom 2003 Genuine Stella known affectionately as the “Frankenstella,” a limited edition Atomic Fireball Stella (#001 of 150 made), and a 2019 Vespa GTS Super 300.

I lived in Seattle for 15 years, where I rode year-round – even in the rain. For a long time, scooters were my sole mode of transportation. I was President of the Vespa Club of Seattle and served on several scooter rally committees, including Seattle Scooter Insanity. I presently scoot in New York, and I’ve also scooted in Boston and New Haven, CT. I haven’t gotten the hang of riding in the snow yet, so my adventures are now of limited to three seasons.

I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment or drop me a line via the contact page.

Scoot happy and keep the rubber side down!

The Frankenstella, all dressed up for spring.


Performing my first brake job – with love – on the organ donor known as “The Vermonster,” my 1979 Vespa P200.


The Frankenstella on the bench, installing a new oil tank and sightglass.


My first stabs at learning to work on my bike a decade ago. It started with carb adjustments and asking, “what’s a ratchet?” True story.


Me being an idiot, yet still winning Genuine Scooter Co.’s Stella LOVE photo contest. Go figure.


Ride happy and keep the rubber side down, my friends!


[Photo credits: Frank Kuzmanich, Mary Vu, Joni James, Sheryl Medrano, and an ex-boyfriend who doesn’t get credit because he got one of my scooters.]


  1. I heard you on a podcast and discovered scooterlust.com. This is a great scooter website with great information pertaining to scooters. Very informative.
    Doug K

  2. Thanks for you advice. I am a newby and appreciate your support.
    I recently bought an 08 lance vintage 150, had a shop fix it up and hoping its not a $ pit. Love it so far.

  3. I just ran across your site while looking for troubleshooting info for a 2015 GTS300. My wife shares the passion for riding her Vespa. We take both of our Vespas out as often as possible to enjoy the back roads of Kentucky. Please keep up the great content.

    Lancaster KY

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