Vespa P-series/Stella Chrome Accessories Installation Instructions

I came across these sheets while cleaning out my garage and thought I’d share the wealth. If you are in need of the diagrams and directions for the installation of the full chrome kit for your P-series Vespa or Stella, here you go. The directions include the front rack, rear rack, fender guard, crash bars and cowl protectors. You can click the images to view a larger version, or download the Vespa P-series and Genuine Stella chrome accessories installation directions in 400dpi PDF format for easy printing. It’s poorly-translated and scantily illustrated, but hey — the price is right.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 2

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I was looking everywhere for this exact file. I am looking to purchase the cowl covers for my Stella and trying to figure out how difficult the installation would be. Did you do the installation yourself? Thank you

    • Glad I could help! The installation is not “difficult” per se. It’s straightforward in direction but requires a bit of manual dexterity and a lot of patience. For the cowl protectors I had to remove the license plate because the bolts go underneath, and those bolts require a bit of finagling. I swapped out the rear hex bolts with knobs, because removing the whole cowl protector assembly to get access underneath the cowl is quite a production. It’s much easier with the twist knobs. I can upload pics if that doesn’t quite make sense. It took me a long time to get all the chrome set up properly but it looks SO good now and the scooter gets knocked around so much, I’m happy the protection is there.

      • Oh as an additional note, I installed the full cowl protector chrome kit that includes the foot pegs. I removed the foot peg bar because I was always smacking my calves on it while riding. It’s easy to re-attach in the event that I’m riding two-up on that scooter. Which is almost never these days. I’d much rather toss someone on the back of my Vespa GTS 300 super. It’s more fun for everyone. 🙂

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