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Spending a full day riding Celeste brought a few necessary projects to light. Some are more urgent than others. For example, I probably shouldn’t be riding around sans signals or mirrors, but a lack of whitewalls is not endangering my safety this week. Here’s the short list:

My left turn signal is not working. I knew this, but keep forgetting. When I replaced the cowls, I had to transplant the turn signal assemblies. The left one was totally missing because I neglected to tighten the mounting hardware and it fell off and shattered while riding on Eastlake last winter. A replacement set was generously donated to my cause by Hairy from his Stella. He replaced the stock signals with very cool clear lenses and was no longer in need of the old ones. The electric wire connects to the light bulb assembly via a tiny butterfly clamp, and the one on my left cowl had been crimped, loosened and re-crimped so many times that it came apart in my hands during the transplant. This repair requires roughly 10 minutes and 50 cents at Radio Shack.

My chrome fasteners are too long. I need to either replace the bolts holding the legshield chrome on, dremel the existing ones an inch shorter, remove the washers that are jangling loosely, or some combination of the three. The hardware included in the chrome kit wasn’t exactly custom designed for the installation, and the bolts have an extra inch or two to their length, so the assorted washers slide freely, creating a cacophony of jingles as I ride. It also looks stupid and I’m sure it won’t be long until I catch some garment or a bony knee on one of them with disastrous results.

I need mirrors. And I don’t think my original plan to get the legshield clamp style will suffice. Jett gave me a mod stadium mirror on a very long chrome stem that looks wicked cool but offers only a limited (vibrating) view. In combination with a few others it would work well. The jury’s still out on this, but in the meantime I’m reattaching the antennae while I hash it out.

I need to adjust my idle. And soon.

My seat sucks. If I plan to ride by the waterfront in any capacity, swapping out the seat with a stock version – or a sweet Super Corsa racing seat – is in order. This might be a good opportunity to switch my black accessories to white, but that could be a large and expensive undertaking. I’m just so jealous of Roger Tango’s Union Jack seat and white gaskets. Celeste could not handle that much bling, but a nice white leather seat with teal piping would look so very.

I need to adjust my clutch so that it engages sooner. When riding in traffic and shifting constantly, my handgrip is cumbersome and today my forearm muscles are sore. Granted, I’m out of two-stroke “shape”, but still, it’s a pain. That’s definitely a good Scooter Lust Garage Clinic®: Clutch Cable Replacement and Adjustment. I’ll add it to the docket.

I need to re-attach my rear star hub cap. It was removed during the last exhaust calibration and I haven’t had the right tools to put it back on.

I need to attach my new gear box cover. This fell off sometime last winter and I finally got a replacement from Sound Speed, but I am lacking the necessary fastener to attach it. Another 10 minute, fifty-cent job – this time requiring a trip to Tacoma Screw.

I want new tires. Even though it’s totally unnecessary, I know I won’t be truly satisfied with the Frankenstella until I acquire four new whitewalls. She carries two spares, which is slick as hell. But that makes replacing all of them a pricey proposition.

I’m going to tackle a couple of these items today. Vu has offered to lend a hand with adjusting my idle since she’s a certified Stella Tuning Maniac now. I’ll keep you updated.

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  1. I agree; a white leather seat with teal piping and whitewalls would be sweet! Luciana (my scoot) would be slightly jealous, but in a positive way!

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