SCOOT DOWN. Robert Brown leads his pack of Westenders with his flashy red Vespa. The Westenders are a West Seattle based scooter club. Their philosophy is family fun and safety in numbers. Photo by Steve Shay

Westenders SC: Easy Riders

One of the scooter clubs I’m a member of, the Westenders Scooter Club, is featured in a great article in Westside Seattle. Once again, I’m caught in the act of waxing philosophical. You’d think I spend most of my time sitting in cafes wearing a beret and fondling my soul patch.

Ralph’s quote pretty much sums us up:

Being a Westender is a state of mind,” said Ralph Leach, who wears a jacket of patches and buttons. “This is a family friendly scooter club. We aren’t a bunch of derelicts, just some of us.

This lighthearted little news bite provides a much-needed respite from yesterday’s rampant stupidity in the on the Seattle PI scooter parking piece. I love that Roger Tango, our Prime Minister, is front and center.

I’ve received word that the Westenders article is in the print version of the newspaper, on newstands now. I’ve got to grab a copy tonight to read while sitting on the beach at Alki, eating cupcakes and waxing philosophical.

[Featured photo credit: West Seattle Herald]

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  1. You with a ‘soul patch’? Now that’s an interesting visual? Where’s my PhotoShop?

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