Two-fers and Treats

I’ll do pretty much anything for cupcakes. I probably should not advertise that fact so widely. But I’ll admit it: I’m a cupcake whore and Cupcake Royale is my brothel.

Joni Jett was planning her celebrated Secret Sunset Scoot ‘n’ Skewer last week and was voyaging to Archie McPhee’s to harvest some prizes for scooter jousting. (Yes, scooter jousting.) Archie’s just happens to be a block from Cupcake Royale so we were obligated to stop. I mean, come on – twist my rubber arm.

I’m practicing the fine art of delayed gratification – certainly not one of my strong points – so we hit the insane store of plastic treasures first and saved the best for last.

At Archie’s, Jett found me this awesome bracelet in the “Seven Deadly Sins” display. I’m hoping that people will ask me about it so I can tell them about ScooterLust. Of course, this plan could backfire in a multitude of ways, particularly in polite company. Not that I often find myself in polite company, but you never know when you might be in Canada.

I was thinking of adding an additional sin to my wrist for clarification. Do Lust and Gluttony a cupcake whore make?

Jett was riding her Piaggio BV 200, which she finally rescued from the shop. We parked our scooters on the street and it was still pay-for-parking time.

Scooter parking in Seattle is convoluted at best, and success depends largely on who happens to be working the beat that particular day. I decided since there was no cycle parking around, we should park next to each other and only pay once. Two scooters still take up less room than a single car, so why should we pay twice as much as a car? I was feeling indignant and argumentative so we put in a couple of quarters and I wrote on the parking sticker: “Two cycles.”

We didn’t get a ticket, but I’ll never know if it was because the meter maiden fair agreed with my new policy or if no one had cruised our street yet for misdemeanors.

After loading up on prizes for the Secret Sunset Scoot ‘n’ Skewer, we headed at long last to Cupcake Royale. Jett enjoyed a Lemon Drop, which was reportedly “really lemony”. I defaulted to a chocolate Cocobunny. I go back and forth between those and Red Velvets but the sunshine makes me think of Coppertone which makes me think of coconut which makes me crave Cocobunny cupcakes. I know, I’m weird.

Apparently I enjoy taking photographs of Jett eating because most of my photos of her involve an open mouth and treats of some stripe. Or maybe it’s just because we’re always eating… that Gluttony bracelet is sounding more and more apropos.

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