Scooter MPG Update #2

I filled up the ‘ol fuel tank on Aphrodite again. It feels like I just made a trip to the gouging gas station, but I put quite a few miles on last week with all this devil-may-care joyriding in the summertime weather. A lot of those miles were clocked riding 2-up (with a passenger).

I’ll have to track a few more fill-ups before calculating to get a good average. Also because I try to do as little math as possible.

06/28 – This week’s stats:

  • Mileage at fill-up: 2119
  • Cost per gallon: $4.879
  • Gallons added: 1.429
  • Total cost: $6.97

06/19 – Last fill-up:

  • Mileage at fill-up: 2027
  • Cost per gallon: $4.879
  • Gallons added: 1.684
  • Total cost: $8.22

To aid in my analysis, I mapped out my round-trip daily commute using Google Maps, my newest online obsession. My morning route – from home to cafe to work – includes an illegal right turn that saves me 728 feet, for a one-way total of 2.9 miles.

The decidedly more scenic (and legal) route back home is 2.0 miles. So the round trip is 4.9 miles total. Not bad, and definitely within my Three Mile Commute rule.

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  1. That’s a great link, Vu – thanks! It’s similiar to the one I use to map my runs. Very useful for planning and commute analysis. 🙂