Seattle All City Scooter Day 2008 in the P.I.

All City Scooter Community Day was written up in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. We are definitely getting the word out! Of course, gasoline at $4.50 per gallon helps.

I’ll try to be a good sport and not get my panties in a twitch that the journalist refers to scooters as “miniature motorcycles.” And that he calls Amerivespa an erroneous “Vespamerica.”

But Mama always said, you gotta pick your battles.

 Scooter enthusiasts and dealers filled a parking lot on Westlake Avenue for the city’s first All City Scooter Community Day to swap stories, compare notes and extol the virtues of moving about on scooters, streamlined miniature motorcycles that are growing in popularity as gasoline prices increase.

With an estimated 200 people and some 150 scooters gathered at midday, it was the biggest scooter party since last year’s “Vespamerica” gathering, which attracted hundreds more when it was held in Seattle. Scooter clubs had tents, and several dealers displayed their wares. 

Read the full article here.

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