Bright Lights, Big City

This great shot was taken by my cupcake while riding 2-up from the back of the Frankenstella during the Westenders SC Great Ghost and Grub Ride. It features Nate’s pimped out Vespa GTS, which runs on rocket fuel, and my very large teeth.


Atomic Fireball Genuine Stella Scooter #107 Comes Home

So like a hundred years ago (okay, maybe it was 10) my friend Joni got an Atomic Fireball Genuine Stella…

New Stella Tires – Installed!

The Frankenstella is revived by two new tires and a hefty dose of spring.

Frankenstella Wins Genuine’s LOVE Photo Contest

The Frankenstella wins Genuine's Facebook photo contest.

Like Oil and Water

Spilled oil takes the Stella down. It might be time for new tires.